Volunteer during the event!

Kiez Burn is organized entirely by volunteers who all buy a ticket. You got a ticket? Great! Please sign up for a volunteer shift or two here: On the first tab of the Google sheet you can find short descriptions of the different tasks. Follow the link next to the descriptions to the sign up sheet or find them in the tabs below. Book your shift by writing your name and contact info to the empty grey slots next to it. The leads will contact you later about the details!


You will be trained on the spot to assist with the amazing amount of random yet helpful tasks that need to happen to build out our event. We’re not expecting Jesus level of carpentership – but it you can use a shovel, can climb a ladder, and know about the business end of a screwdriver then we’d love to have you in our team! Don’t stress if you’ve never done a build before – we will help and support you from start to finish… along with food, beer and hugs at the end

Power Rangers

Learn something about power while working out! Build: Run and bury (heavy) electrical cables as specified by co-leads. Strike: Pull up and coil (heavy) electrical cables as specified by co-leads. Power volunteers for both Build & Strike should be strong enough to repeatedly lift and carry 25kg coils of cable. Power volunteers for Build should also wear stiff shoes or boots, so they can safely jump on shovels while digging shallow trenches for burying electrical cables.


Be at the Gate and check the tickets, give wirstbands and join our Team


Greeters are the sparkling, magnificent, wonderful, joyful first HELLO our new arrivals will receive from KiezBurn directly after they have passed the gate.

Welfare Crew

Welfare already has a Core team, that is looking for more support. Welfare station is aiming for being available to supply immediate solutions for the well-being of KB participants. Our volunteers hold space and decide together with you how to reduce distressed situations – a cup of tea, a good talk, earplugs, a little rest with a cozy blanket or just being silent together and taking a deep breath. Volunteers should come 15 min in advance and be sober

First Aid Team

Chill in First Aid tent alongside a qualified doctor – no previous experience needed – we will supply a basic training. Volunteers should come 15 min in advance and be sober

Wandering Rangers

Wonderers make sure that everybody is safe and having a good time, have the backs of those who might be having a little too good of a time, and weave the idea of taking care of each other even deeper into the Kiez Burn community. Also, they get to carry a walkie-talkie! Wonderer Lead: If you have been a Ranger at Kiez Burn last year, or any other Burn event, it would be great if you could take over a Wanderer lead shift! Wanderer Leads help to coordinate Wanderers and keep the contact to other teams on site.

Site Lead

Be the boss, know everything, know the protocols and be sober

Fire Safety Crew

Currently planned on Friday or Saturday at 11pm. Fire is a magical and wondrous experience, whether a faint candle or the epic sun, but the curiosity of this powerful element can harm us mortals. Fire Guardians will support the local fire-fighters coordinate the perimeter control of both events, watching the crowd to ensure everyone can marvel in the glory of the flames without getting Icarus burns. It also provides front row seats for these magnificent spectacles.

Strike Crew

Helping to take down structures, remove signs, pull up cables and pass out Beer to weary souls  Move everything back into Storage, and make sure in general that the site is cleared appropriately!