The Survival Guide has arrived! Click here to get all the juicy information on all things Hamburn.

There should have been a website. But no one wants to do it. So you need to be extremely self-reliant this time. Good luck! :)


So until we're churning out some actual content here's a handy list of other sites you can visit for your dose of participation and information.

Hamburn is a co-created event guided by the 10 Principles of Burning Man which you can read about here:

To help co-create Hamburn and get to the gritty details, please join our Loomio at

In case that's not enough immediacy for you feel free to join our Telegram group at

Also we've got the DJ/Live act application process running - so if you want to provide soothing sounds or sick beats, hop over to our sheet at

Of course we're also on Facebook - go like the page at for general news or announce you're coming at the event page at

Thanks to Ronja for the design <3